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There are no mandatory qualifications for becoming a member of the church; however, those desiring to join our church (fellowship of believers) may follow these procedures:


  • Notify anyone within the church of a desire to become a member. This desire can be communicated either during any regular church service or via a telephone call to the church, by letter, or by requesting an appointment to speak to the Pastor, on a visitor card.


  • Upon acknowledgement of membership, the Minister of Hospitality will meet with the new member to set up a phone visit with the Pastor.


  • Following the phone visit with the new member, the Minister of Hospitality will provide a packet of information about the church; complete a new member intake form, give the new member a copy of the church charter (by-laws), and set the new member up for Discipleship Training, which is a six-week session taught by the Ministerial Staff.


  • If you desire to join the Media Church, please go to our Website,, to contact us. Your responsibility as a member of the Media Church is to: worship with us from wherever you are around the world; pray for our church, as prayer is an active part of worship and relationship; and, to give your tithes and offerings to support our soul-winning efforts, local community outreach and missions.  For it is our desire to “go and make disciples…,” by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.  And we need your help to do that. 

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